Is there child discount?

Children less than 1 m tall do not pay the park’s general entry fee, however, keep in mind that there is an entry fee for aquatic attractions, if you buy these at the main ticket office (by the entrance), you will pay these prices:

– Aventura Passport for each child less than 1 m tall COP $ 34.000
– Safari Passport for each child less than 1 m tall COP $ 47.000

If you buy these tickets by the attraction entrance, you will pay:

– Acuasaurus & Octopus park $ 38.000 each.
– Savage River, Victory waterfalls and  Cobras $ 47.000 each.

Where can I buy my tickets?

Entry tickets (passports) can be bought in different places, keep in mind that gests from our hotels will have additional benefits.

Box office: You can buy full price entry tickets (passports) directly at the ticket office by the entrance, to check prices and attractions included in each passport, please click here, keep in mind that the ticket office is open on the same days an times as the park: From Tuesday till Sunday including holidays – From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please notice that we are closed for maintenance on the first working day of the week.

Hotel front desk: If you are a guest on any of these hotels: Hotel El Lago Azul, Hotel La Colina, Hotel Doradal Mediterraneo, Hotel África y Hotel Casablanca, you can buy entry tickets (passports) at the hotel’s reception, you will also receive the following benefits:

– 10% discount on any of our entry tickets (Cash payments only).
– Unlimited access to the park.
– Unlimited access to the aquatic attractions included on your entry ticket.
– Free vehicle access.

You have to keep both your park bracelet and thicket in good condition and show it everytime you go in.

Phone Reservation, email or by visiting our office in Medellín: You can add entry tickets to your hotel reservation and pick them up on your arrival to any these 3 hotels: Hotel El Lago Azul, Hotel Las Colinas y Hotel Doradal Mediterraneo and by the park’s entrance if you are staying in either Hotel África or Hotel Casablanca (these hotels are inside the park). This way you might receive the same benefits listed above. You can call us in Medellín at 444 29 75, at our free national line 018000 510 344 ext. 100, 101, 102, 112, 113,114,170, at our Whatsapp (+57) 313 628 6931. You can also write to us at

Do you offer group discount?

We offer a 10% discount for groups of 10 or more people, to get a quote for a group you should contact us before you travel,  you can contact us either by phone or email, below you will find our contact details.

NOTICE: Please note that the discount only applies to reservations paid in advance, no discount will be given at the park’s entrance.

-Landline Medellín  (+574) 444 29 75
-Tollfree national line018000 510 344
-Whatsapp (+57) 313 628 6931