By acquiring any of the entry tickets, the users and visitors of HACIENDA NAPOLES THEME PARK, accept and obligate themselves to strictly comply with all the park’s safety instructions and rules, responsibly. In consequence, HACIENDA NAPOLES THEME PARK is exonerated from any responsibility that might derive from visitor’s bad use or failure to observe this norms. The visitor is fully responsible for all damages caused especially to but not only: Animals, vegetables, goods, objects or equipment, as a result of malicious intent or guilt.

HACIENDA NAPOLES THEME PARK reserves the right to refuse admission.

Failure to comply with the PARK’s rules will constitute sufficient grounds to demand the visitor to exit the park immediately.



  1. Refrain from entering the park and its attractions under the influence of alcohol, psychotropic substances or any other substance that might alter behaviour or ability to stay alert. People carrying alcoholic drinks will be severely reprehended. Any adults or minors who are found drinking or under the influence will be expelled from the park.
  2. It is forbidden to bring and/or consume foods and drinks that were bought outside from the park stores and restaurants.
  3. Visitors should follow and respect transit norms, especially for vehicles, the top speed limit for all areas is 20 km/h.
  4. Visitors must refrain from demanding the employees of the Operator to behave or conduct themselves differently from what is set as operation rules.
  5. Respect and demand the same behaviour from dependants or people under their lead for all park installations and personnel.
  6. Respect and demand the same behaviour by dependants or people under their leadership, for lines, circulation and loading zones, closed and restricted zones and maintaining order and restraint while accessing, staying or making use of installations and leaving either the park or its installations and other activities being developed within it.
  7. Abstain from entering attractions or participating in activities that might represent a risk for his/her personal integrity or that from dependants or people under his/her lead, specially if there are factors such as size, health condition, age, pregnancy, mental, psychological or physical conditions, always following rules and restrictions given to access these attractions or activities.
  8. Refrain and demand from others under his/her lead to do so, from any activity that might put his/her personal integrity at risk, or that from other visitors, users, and park employees, also the integrity from elements, equipment, locations and/or other goods that might be present at the park.
  9. Refrain and demand from others under his/her lead to do so, from entering machine rooms, operation and maintenance areas and other restricted areas around the park.
  10. Avoid lighting bonfires or to improvise cooking places. The only visitor authorised stoves are located in the camping zone.
  11. Avoid touching the animals with his/her hands or other instruments. Also, avoid to yell or whistle to them
  12. Avoid smoking outside of established smoking areas.
  13. Avoid bringing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, food, objects or recipients made out of glass or crystal, sharp objects, weapons and fire guns.
  14. Users and visitors whose behaviour might represent a threat to themselves, or to other users and visitors and park employees, might be expelled from attractions and even from the park.
  15. Minors under 12 years old, should always be accompanied by an adult. Parents or grownups accompanying minors will be held responsible for their health and safety at all times.


Duties for park visitors and attractions users will be displayed in visible places around our attractions and reinforced by employees and attraction operators.

Park visitors and users and attractions users will be held accountable for any damages that they might cause as a result of misconducts and other actions contrary to the duties imposed by these regulations.



  • If you are part of a group and you don’t have a guide, start by setting a meeting point in case you or somebody gets lost.
  • Always bring a map with you, also remember minors under 10 should be always accompanied by an adult.
  • Although we make our best to prevent harm, there is always a chance for danger. Watch your step and never leave the visitor areas or enter areas that are not clearly meant for visitors, this might put you in harm’s way. We do not take responsibilities in accidents that you could have prevented by sticking to the rules.
  • Drive safely. Roads are narrow and you might hit somebody or something. Once in the parking area, leave your vehicle and use the park transportation system, if you choose to walk, beware of vehicles and always use walk paths.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes to walk.
  • Avoid running and/or yelling. Remember that the purpose of visiting a Wildlife sanctuary is observing animals in the most natural way, yelling and running might scare them or change their behaviour.
  • Avoid the use of music players or radios at high volume.
  • Do not call animals attention by hitting objects including fences or glasses from the habitats, this might scare or stress them.
  • Do not harm plants and gardens as they are both part of the habitats and part of the park’s landscape.
  • Keep an eye on your personal belongings, if you lose something, notify the park guards or reception staff immediately.
  • Bring a personal bag to dispose your trash, we have numerous trash recipients around the park for you to empty your bag. Never offer food or leftovers to animals, also, never throw them on any place different from trash cans.
  • We do not take responsibility for damages and/or robberies within the premises, we recommend not to bring or carry valuable objects. Taking care of your goods is your responsibility.
  • Watch out for informative and educative signs.
  • If you start feeling sick or harm your self in any way, please inform any park operator or employee so they can guide you to first aid services.



  1. Users should always respect and follow lifeguard’s instructions.
  2. To access these attractions, users should be wearing bathing suits that are free from metallic pieces, ironworks and/or metallic zippers, also, users should avoid wearing jewellery, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, glasses or buckles. Casual t-shirts or shorts are not permitted, we only allow swimming pool t-shirts with UV protection.
  3. Objects such as glasses, backpacks, handbags, caps and hats are permitted as long as you are wearing them or placed on the tables area, Otherwise, you should give them to people outside the attraction or put them away in a locker.
  4. It is forbidden to climb over any of the attraction’s figures and sculptures.
  5. It is forbidden to perform dives or other dangerous manoeuvres around or from humid zones, slides and stairs.
  6. Do not run, always remember to wear anti-slip footwear.
  7. Remember always to take a shower before and after entering an aquatic attraction.
  8. Do not hang towels or clothes from the fence.
  9. You should not enter these attractions if you have an open or unhealed wound.
  10. Minors under 12 years old should always be accompanied by an adult.
  11. It is forbidden to access these areas under the influence of alcohol.
  12. It is forbidden to smoke on this premises.
  13. Animals are not allowed in this area.
  14. Electric appliances are forbidden in this area.
  15. It is forbidden to bring or eat food an beverages in this area.
  16. Please do not enter these premises carrying glass containers or sharp objects.
  17. Nobody should enter this zone if feeling bad or too hot.
  18. Access to this attraction is forbidden to people with cardiac problems, neck or back injuries, those who went through surgery recently, those wearing casts, splints, prosthetics, surgical girdle, immobilize devices and some other incapacities.
  19. Pregnant women may enter under their own responsibility.
  20. Users that do not follow these aquatic attraction rules must abandon immediately without refund entitlement.