Hacienda Nápoles Theme Park is the result of a successful process between private initiatives and the Colombian Government, owner of the terrains where this project is being developed, that was given to a private company and a non-profit organization for them to make the most out of this well-known place.

Nowadays, this project has become a development hub for all the region, with a family oriented touristic proposal based on environmental and cultural content, recreation and knowledge.

Thanks to its privileged location right in the geographic heart of Colombia, this project has changed its surroundings and has potentiated the access to other touristic attractions found in the region, with constant inclusion of nearby population groups.

Thanks to it varied offer of goods and services, Hacienda Nápoles Theme Park has become the biggest source of employment in the region.

Thanks to its size and offer, this is the biggest park in South America and its attractions and decoration are unique in this part of the continent.

Important facts:

– Hacienda Nápoles Theme Park was chosen by Times Magazine as one of 10 most exotic parks in the world.
– The total extension of the park is 1600 hectares (3953 acres), visitors can go around all of them keeping in mind precautions and park rules.
– The park’s entrance doors are the biggest of its gender in Latin America.
– The park’s herd of hippos is the only one that exists in the world outside of Africa.
– We inaugurate a new attraction more or less every three months.